Real-time monitoring of your energy consumption in Home Assistant

With the P1MeterKit, you can gain real-time insights into both your electricity and gas consumption. This kit is fully integrated with Home Assistant and DSMR Reader. Measure your electricity and gas consumption down to the minute and then visualize it per hour, day, month, or year in Home Assistant. Additionally, the kit also measures the temperature and humidity in the room where the meter is installed.

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Discover the P1MeterKit: A carefully crafted Dutch innovation, specially designed and shaped to meet your needs.

Specially designed for Home Assistant, ESPHome, and DSMR Reader the P1MeterKit has been meticulously developed to seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant, ESPHome, and DSMR Reader, catering to all your needs.

Make your DSMR meter even smarter and more insightful.

Upgrade your smart home with the P1MeterKit. Get a complete digital overview of both your electricity and gas consumption by reading your DSMR meter with our kit. Monitor precisely how much electricity and gas you consume during daily activities, such as running the washing machine, dryer, using lighting, the heat pump, and more.

Washing Machine
Heat Pump
Bike Charger
Electric Heating Boiler
Electric Car

Home Assistant

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Accurate Energy Measurements and Smart Automations in Home Assistant

Enhance your Home Assistant experience with seamless integration and advanced data exchange. With our P1MeterKit, you have the ability to monitor real-time consumption of both electricity and gas per minute and analyze your energy usage over days, weeks, months, and years. Not only can you track your usage live as devices are powered on, but you also have the power to create automations based on your energy consumption. With the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard, you'll always stay informed about your energy consumption and can freely review your usage data.

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"The P1MeterKit has completely changed my perspective on energy consumption. With real-time insights into our electricity and gas usage, my family and I have become much more aware of our daily habits. We discovered that our old washing machine consumed much more energy than we had thought. Thanks to the data from the P1MeterKit, we decided to invest in a more energy-efficient model. Within a few months, we had already recouped the cost of the kit in savings on our energy bill."
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the P1meterkit?

The P1meterkit is a device that reads the P1 port of your smart energy meter. This gives you insight into your energy consumption and production.

Is the P1meterkit compatible with all smart meters?

Our P1meterkit is designed to work with most smart meters in the Netherlands that have a P1 port. For a complete list of compatible meters, check our website.

How do I connect the P1meterkit to my smart meter?

Simply connect the included cable to the P1 port of your smart meter. Then connect the P1meterkit to wifi, and Home Assistant will automatically detect the device.

Is it possible to receive notifications for high energy consumption?

Yes, in combination with Home Assistant, you can set up various scenarios, including notifications for certain consumption peaks.

Can I monitor both my electricity and gas consumption with the P1meterkit?

Yes, the P1meterkit provides insight into both your electricity and gas consumption, and if applicable, also your return supply.

How often are the P1meterkit data updated?

The P1meterkit provides real-time data, giving you continuous insight into your current energy consumption and production.

Are there any additional costs associated with using the P1meterkit?

No, after purchasing the P1meterkit there are no monthly fees or subscriptions. You only need a working Home Assistant installation.

How is the safety and privacy of my data ensured?

Your privacy is essential to us. The P1meterkit only sends and stores data within your own network unless you choose to share it with external services.

Technical Specifications

Connection to Energy Meter
RJ12 port for direct coupling with DSMR-compatible energy meters
Network Connection
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), supports WPA/WPA2 security
Data Transfer
Update interval: Every 1 second
Physical Dimensions of the Kit
92 x 47.5 x 26.5 mm
Cable Length
2-meter RJ12 cable for connection to the energy meter
Power Supply
USB-C port for power supply (5V, 1A). Alternative power supply possible via the energy meter with DSMR v5.0 that supports power supply through the RJ12 port
Operational Classification
IP20 (suitable for indoor use)
Temperature Range
Operational from -10 °C to +40 °C
Works with DSMR versions 4.0 and 5.0, as well as ESMR 5.0
Fully integrated with Home Assistant, support for over-the-air firmware updates (OTA)